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Lois Banta


Lois Banta is CEO, President and Founder of Banta Consulting, Inc., a company that specializes in all aspects of dental practice management. Lois has over 38 years of dental experience and consults and speaks nationally and internationally. She is also the owner and CEO of The Speaking Consulting Network, and a member of ADMC, AADOM, NSA, ADAA and AADPA.

Ted Borris, DDS


A former high school teacher and guidance counselor in Chicago, Dr Ted Borris spent 30 years doing general dentistry first in the US Air Force in Texas and then private practice in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Feeling the need for personal change and development, Ted became the Director of Scientific Programs for the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. Now, he and his wife of many years, Carolyn, traverse the country looking for the next great dental meeting speaker to bring to Chicago.

Andrea Greer RDH, BS


Over her 25 years of experience in the dental industry, Andrea has led practices from many positions: dental assistant, hygienist, office manager, Dentrix trainer, practice management consultant and speaker. She approaches her work with each practice uniquely to develop protocols and workflows to reduce stress and advance patient communication. In this current healthcare climate, it can be a challenge to navigate the murky waters of dental insurance and still achieve fulfillment and life balance. Andrea is passionate about helping dentists and their teams believe in what they are providing to the patient family and realize contentment and purpose. Her gift of connection and empathy is a key element in engaging with audience members, as well as developing leadership one on one with her clients.

Bonnie Hixson


As the founder and publisher of The Progressive Dentist magazine, Bonnie is dedicated to helping strong clinicians and dental professionals build successful businesses where the best dental care can be delivered. She enjoys working closely with industry experts to provide dentists and teams with the most suitable resources to enhance the overall patient experience and improve profitability for their unique practices. Bonnie is a member of the American Society of Magazine Editors, The Association of Magazine Media and the National Association of Professional Women, and received the 2014 Enterprising Women of the Year Awards’ Honorable Mention. She also supports a number of non-profit organizations, including Oral Cancer Cause and Allana Smiles. If you’d like to speak with Bonnie in Portland, please email her to schedule time to connect.

Alvin Law, CSP, HoF


Like you, attitude expert and bestselling author Alvin Law has heard a lot of clichés about cultivating a positive attitude. But are any of them true? Does a positive attitude really guarantee success in life? Should we force ourselves to think positively, no matter what our situation? Will mantras and sound bites change how we view ourselves and the world? Or are we thinking about attitude all wrong?

With over three decades of professional speaking and over five (ahem) decades of experience living life without arms, his view is radically different.

Alvin’s mission is to spark a worldwide Attitude Revolution. Attitude Revolutions happen because people are inspired, from within themselves, to practice cultivating a more proactive and effective outlook on their lives. Alvin knows, and demonstrates to his audiences, that attitude is not about touchy-feely platitudes or ‘thinking positive’ – attitude is how we look at and interpret life overall. It is a skill that can be learned, and that must be practiced. It is a tool that can be used. Most importantly, it can’t be imposed upon people – it has to come from a genuine place.

Alvin uses his story to challenge audiences to rewrite the negative stories they tell themselves about themselves; to stop feeling like victims in their lives and get proactive; to stop making excuses and start making choices. His fusion of storytelling, musical performance and down-to-earth humour connect with his audiences at an intimate, intense and individual level. Over 7,500 organizations on five continents, including Cisco Systems, Pfizer and Telus, have used Alvin to ignite, engage and transform their people. 

Born with no arms as a result of the drug Thalidomide, Alvin was adopted by a family who taught him to use his feet for hands – and who by doing so gave him the gift of freedom. In addition to being a professional speaker, he is a trained broadcaster, fundraiser, award-winning musician and bestselling author. He has earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), an honour possessed by less than ten percent of professional speakers worldwide. In 2009, Alvin was inducted into the Canadian Association of Speakers (CAPS) Hall of Fame.

Prior to his career as a professional speaker, Alvin worked for non-profit groups, in advertising and public relations, the civil service, and has even run for public office (unsuccessfully, but he got over it). He has appeared on countless telethons and media features, and has been the subject of two award-winning television documentaries. He has played a direct role in raising over $175,000,000 for charity.

He shares his life with his wife and business partner, Darlene; his adult son, Vance; Murphy the dog; and Trixie, the cat. They all live in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Alvin’s mission is to spark a worldwide Attitude Revolution. A professional speaker for over 30 years, he uses his story to challenge and inspire people to rewrite the negative stories they tell themselves about themselves; to stop feeling like victims in their lives and get proactive; to stop making excuses and start making choices. Over 7,500 corporations, organizations and groups on five continents have used Alvin to ignite, engage and transform their people.

Toni Newman


Five-time award-winning business owner and member of the Speaking Hall of Fame, Toni Newman wants to help you grow your business.

Toni is the founder of The Innovation Advantage – a company that helps organizations worldwide innovate to differentiate so that they can drive more customers, more revenue and more growth in their business. In fact, Toni’s Five ‘S’ Solution customer experience innovation model has been called the “best methodology on standing out in a crowded marketplace since Seth Godin.”

World traveler and wine lover, chocoholic and challenger of the status-quo, Toni uses a powerful mix of proven strategies, cutting-edge creativity and real world business insights to help you turn inspiration into innovation and ideas into results.

“In the first 6 months, Toni’s ‘Five S Solution’ has driven our revenue to exceed projections by 27.9%.”
Imagine the Possibilities!

Margy Schaller


Margy Schaller is an international speaker and trainer who shares a proven formula to create and present inspired content. In fact, she wrote the book, Formulate A Winning Presentation. As a result of her work, people often share they have more clarity of thought, more confidence in their material, more impact and influence with their audience members. On a personal note, Margy loves to travel and in the last year she took her first full trip around the world!

Jody Urquhart


A highly sought-after funny motivational speaker, Jody Urquhart is the author of All Work & No Say, a bestselling book that shattered assumptions that work can’t be rewarding and fun.

Every motivational talk features, Savvy, Uplifting and Hysterical advice to help your audience develop a buoyant, positive and meaningful perspective in the midst of stress and change.

Jody is passionate about spreading the message of the importance of fun and meaningful work. A motivational speaker for over 16 years, Jody speaks at over 60 organizations and associations every year and is a top keynote speaker.

Jody’s trademark is to deliver very funny motivational speeches; humor is a key part of her audience connection.

A former stand-up comedian, Jody ONLY uses clean humor and original content catered to the audience.

Jody is the author of the best-selling book All Work & No SAY. Her mission is to help motivate people to derive more meaning, fun, and satisfaction from their work.

Todd Williams


Todd Williams has over three decades of culture development experience in healthcare, hospitality and countless customer-facing industries.

Williams has spent over 20 years with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. As a Senior Learning and Development Manager, he helped develop and implement the cultural training that has defined Four Seasons as the undisputed leader of luxury hospitality. He was also personally responsible for the culture training and development delivery at the majority of North American Four Seasons openings since 2008. A firm believer in the notion “hospitality” is not an industry but instead, a way of living that puts others first, he’s helped teams in a multitude of industries, improve their customer and associate relations.

In his role with Centura Health as Vice President, Culture Development, he focused on employee engagement, building emotional connections, brand differentiation and more, all centered on patient and provider-centric values and a culture of authentic service. Knowing “excellence” is merely baseline in today’s competitive environment, he’s driven to help healthcare professionals show hospital “guests” what enthusiastic grace, empathetic patience and heartfelt service looks like in action.

Williams has a unique skillset for helping individuals find a passionate connection between their work and personal lives in a way that brings balance and excellence. By helping professionals identify their personal calling, he helps them improve their performance and workplace environment. Teaching others to live purpose-first has become his mission, and he’s shown multiple companies and organizations that putting the “soft stuff” first is the answer to driving all levels of success.

Rita Zamora


Rita Zamora is author of the book, Get Found, Get Liked, Get Patients – Making the Most of Social Media. She is an international speaker and owner of Rita Zamora Connections, a social media marketing agency. Since 2007 she and her team have specialized in “done for you” custom monthly management services and “done with you” social media support services. Rita graduated magna cum laude from the
University of Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing and has over 20 years experience in the business of dentistry.

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