What sets SCN apart from other professional organizations?

SCN is a true “networking” organization dedicated to building relationships in the consulting, speaking and writing profession. Our members refer to each other, share business tips and sincerely support each other as we build a successful business.

What is “Spotlight on Speaking?”

Spotlight on Speaking is a competition during the SCN annual conference where 6 speakers give 10 minutes of their best materials in front of our members and are judged by professional speakers and meeting planners. The 1st place winner receives the coveted SOS award and bragging rights.

What is Speaker Showcase?

It is an event held on the Friday afternoon of SCN conference giving participants to offer a “ted talk” like speech in front of industry meeting planners and attendees.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of SCN?
  • The benefits are that SCN is the “go to” organization for Meeting Planners seeking speakers for their meetings, for Consulting organizations seeking to hire consultants and for Editors of major dental journals to acquire authors for their journals.
  • SCN provides education by Nationally and Internationally renowned speakers in building a successful speaking/consulting/writing career
  • SCN is dedicated to promote the spirit of “net-giving” and networking in a positive environment.
  • The comradery of our members create excitement in supporting each other’s growing professions. SCN members have made lifelong friendships and we frequently get together at other conference creating mini SCN meetings around the country.
  • Our SCN members expand their knowledge base creating an environment of openly sharing information for the betterment of our profession.
I have been consulting/speaking for many years… what will I learn to improve my business?
  • You will learn additional tools to grow your business
  • You will understand a new way to run a successful business
  • You will acquire new skills to maintain the success of your business
  • You will grow your support network in the most positive way
I am brand new to the speaking and consulting business… how will SCN help me find my path?
  • Day one is dedicated to our new members. We have new members who have not started their new consulting, speaking and writing businesses and new member day helps define their “path”. In fact, there is so much information shared that our returning members frequently come back to day one to re-visit what they learned their first year.
  • You will meet others in the profession who began as you did and they will share their stories, ideas and strategies on how to build your business the right way…the first time.
  • You will learn the tools and strategies to start your business and have the opportunity listen to success stories to impart confidence that you made the right decision.
  • You will have a network of members volunteering to assist you with questions and strategies…for a lifetime
  • With paid registration, you will receive one-on-one coaching from our owner, Lois Banta, pre-conference.
  • You will be partnered with an existing SCNer to guide you through the meeting, and overall SCN experience.
Why is it called a “network”?

It is called a “network” because our members truly dedicate themselves to connecting with other SCNers and to stay connected throughout their business careers.

Is SCN only for people in the dental industry?

No…we have many members outside the dental industry. We have members in the medical and healthcare professions, small business entrepreneurs assisting others in growing their business, financial experts, accountants and much more.

What are “sponsoring partners”?
  • Our “sponsoring partners” are companies dedicated to sharing their expertise through exhibiting at our conference
  • Our “sponsoring partners” are extended members of the SCN family. They share information, tools, products and strategies with our members so we can bring this valuable information to our audiences and clients. SCN is dedicated to creating a phenomenal experience for our SP’s by including them in our conference.
  • Our Sponsoring Partners are in the room with the conference, invited to all breakout and general sessions, breakfasts, lunches, farewell dinner so they can truly experience the spirit of SCN.

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